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Most Affordable Wellness Retreats Under $1000

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If your mind, body and soul are in serious need of some tender loving care but so is your bank balance, check out these affordable wellness retreats around the country.

Relaxing, re-energising, and sometimes even emotional. Wellness retreats can be all of these things, but, let’s face it, they can also be expensive.

With that said, affordable retreats do in fact exist. There are retreats that, come bill-settling time, won’t see your newfound calm swept out the window. You just have to know where to look. Or, we can help you.

Senses of Lan Ha Cruise Retreat – From $760

Ylang, the latest member of Heritage Line’s ship collection in Lan Ha Bay, features a splendid blend of Asian-Vietnamese design with French-Colonial accents. This ancient flair of Indochina emanates throughout the vessel with a delicate floral leitmotif inspired by local poetry and related to the four seasons of the year. Local artisans have contributed to Ylang’s décor with hand-crafted paintings and artwork using various materials and techniques. All suites are dedicated to a particular blossom which typically represents a season in Vietnam.

Ylang has only ten spacious suites on two decks with floor-to-ceiling panoramic doors which open onto a private balcony. What makes Ylang unique is her expansive spa area. The focus on wellness is enhanced with dynamic activities such as yoga or early morning Tai Chi lessons.

Ylang’s cruise program underscores the vessel’s tranquil feel with leisure activities such as cycling, hiking and kayaking in the serene natural surroundings on a three-day journey aptly named “Senses of Lan Ha”. Discover this amazing cruise retreat here!

8 Days Culture and Gastronomy Luxury Yoga Retreat – From $430

Join us for an all-inclusive week of yoga, eating great food, culinary and experience the famous Greek hospitality and love of life!

It is said that Crete’s greatest treasure is to be found in its cuisine. This magical island was also home to Europe’s oldest civilisation, a 4000-year-old cultural path that weaves its way to the present. We have created this Culture and Gastronomy yoga holiday, to celebrate these two great riches, and allow you to experience them firsthand. Combined with refreshing yoga classes and breathtaking nature we hope you will leave us enriched, rejuvenated and inspired.

The retreat is open to all.  Our retreats are usually a wonderful mix of solo travellers, couples, friends, mothers and daughters, members of the LGBTQ community. We have a maximum group size of just ten people as we prefer the family atmosphere of small groups.

We will start each day with a morning yoga class and there is a second yoga class every evening. Most classes will take place by the pool although some classes will be held in beautiful locations during excursions. The style is predominately Hatha yoga and the classes are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. Pranayama and meditation will also be practiced and there will be a Five Tibetans workshop during one of the classes.

Each guest will have one treatment included as part of the retreat in the comfort of the villa. More treatments are available upon request.

Discover this luxurious yet affordable retreat here.

Asaya Cleanse Program Rosewood Phuket – From $460

The pressures and demands of our professional, social and family lives can create an imbalance to the quality of our life and our personal health. At Asaya, we understand these imbalances happen and have carefully designed wellness programs to help you re-engage with the loss of that synergy and balance in your life. We combine personal wellness with fitness and nutrition to ensure we have effective and results-oriented programming. These longer-stay wellness journeys are your own private journey to understanding yourself and how to ensure you are living at an optimal level always.  Our packages include a healthy cooking class and hands-on demonstrations led by our professional chefs to improve your culinary skills and teach you new techniques to adapt your cooking to a healthier lifestyle.

A gentle yet highly effective cleansing using cutting-edge techniques is all it takes to flush out physical and emotional blockages and toxins. Individually tailored journeys may include Taoist abdominal detox massage, emotional freedom techniques and energy balancing treatments. The result: an energized body, lighter spirits, enhanced mental clarity and a new lease on life.

Choose from Asaya Balance or Asaya Fit to cater to your needs here.

Yoga Magic Eco Retreat – From $430

A truly transformative yoga holiday experience for those that are new to yoga or simply wants to deepen your practice. Our experienced teachers will guide and inspire your personal yoga journey through daily meditation, cleansing kris, gently pranayama and vitality boosting yoga classes with optional private tuition and individual Ayurvedic Spa Treatments.

Relax Nourish and Revive

A sense of calm, swaying palm trees and Rajasthani silk flags fluttering high in the sky. In a coconut grove surrounded by water creek and paddy fields abundant with tropical birdlife and home to grazing buffalo, YogaMagic Eco Retreat is an oasis of peace just 2 kilometres from the golden beaches of North Goa. Swimming pool, island waterfall and lotus ponds. Retreat on dates to suit you from 3 nights to as as long as you like.

Experience Stylish Eco-Chic Living

Luxury Tented Eco-Lodges are sustainably built from canvas, bamboo, palm leaf and mud featuring solar halogen lighting and natural composting toilets. The enchanting Boutique Suites in the main house are inspired by indp-portugese and rajasthani heritage design, furnished throughout in Khadi silks, natural cottons, colourful saris, bamboo and hemp. The hot solar showers get their heat directly from the sun.

Beautiful Organic Vegetarian Vegan Food

Taste your way on a gastronomic journey around India: delicious organic wholesome vegetarian-vegan-gluten free menus, Homegrown or sourced locally everything is lovingly created and bursting with flavour from gardens producing spices, vegetables, herbs and fruits fusing modern permaculture ideas with ancient Vedic principles.

Discover more here!

Pure Flow Yoga Signature 7 day retreat – From $970

Our Signature Yoga Retreat – A 7 Day Retreat Package is ideal for both beginner and advance students alike to develop a strong foundation in the practices of Yoga on and off the mat.

In exploring and practices the essence of Yoga, this experience will leave you feeling relaxed, fully present, de-stressed, and reconnected to your highest self.


Physical & Inner soul alignment for enhanced quality of physical life and conscious awareness, Increased positivity and gratitude, Clarity of thought, creativity, Overall improvement in health & wellness, Stress reduction, Improved sleep, Fresh perspective on life & increased energy and vitality, Tools to recognise harmful behaviour and thought patterns and transform.

Discover this retreat here!

Let’s Om & Away and Be Good To Ourselves!

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